Rationalisation and investment in the business is essential for its future success and growth. This is only feasible through the proposed investment in the Pembury Road location and closure of its current site at Mount Ephraim.

The history of Hendy’s dealership at Mount Ephraim dates to the turn of the last century, when it began life as a workshop for repairing horse-drawn carts.

For more than 100 years it has grown in piecemeal fashion as and when expansion was required originally under the Lifestyle Group. It was acquired by Hendy Group in 2016 and is no longer viable for the future needs and expectations of manufacturers and customers.

The existing Mount Ephraim site is unsustainable due to the constant repairs required to the ageing buildings and the limited space for access, parking and the necessary daily movement of vehicles.

The ability to ensure the delivery of a great customer experience is being severely hampered by the physical constraints of these buildings and the site.  There is also limited space available which necessitates the preparation and storage of cars off-site when getting them ready for customers, and workshops are cramped and inefficient.

While the company does its best to keep its frontage smart and be good neighbours, there is limited on-site parking for customers and visitors, who struggle to reach Mount Ephraim through the town centre traffic and add to local congestion.

With new residential-led development taking place all around the Mount Ephraim area and the change in character this brings, the current motor trade activity has almost become a non-conforming user which impinges upon the new residential neighbours.

A move to Pembury Road, which is circa 2.6 miles to the east of the current site, would solve all of these problems, freeing up the Mount Ephraim site which has been identified by the Council as a location for future residential redevelopment.